For sample clips recorded in this studio, please get in contact! I have files on hand (always current/updated to reflect studio changes), or I am happy to record you a custom sample clip with specific gain-settings, specific copy, etc.

Info on my tech & how you can record with me:

Home Studio

I am optimized for live-directed remote recording via Source-Connect, but Discord, Zoom, etc. and self-engineering/recording is always a back-up option!

  • 1GB fiber optic Internet
  • iMac desktop, iPad Pro
  • Source-Connect Standard
  • Pro Tools First
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
  • XLR condenser Blue Spark
  • Booth is walk-in closet fully treated with Auralex acoustic foam panels & bass traps

For Indie Projects

Typically, I self-direct and record on my end, and your audio is delivered in .wav format (unless you prefer .mp3) with 2-3 takes of all lines included. Please use the contact page here or ping me on my Twitter with audition sides, questions, etc.

It’s fine if your project contains adult themes, but I will only reply to tactful/professional inquiries regarding such content.