For sample clips recorded in this studio, please get in contact! I have files on hand (always current/updated to reflect studio changes), or I am happy to record you a custom sample clip with specific gain-settings, specific copy, etc.

Info on my tech & how you can record with me:

Home Studio

I am optimized for live-directed remote recording via Source-Connect, but Discord, Zoom, etc. and self-engineering/recording is always a back-up option!

  • 1GB fiber optic Internet
  • iMac desktop, iPad Pro
  • Source-Connect Standard
  • Pro Tools First
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
  • Neumann TLM-103, Blue Spark (both XLR condenser mics)
  • Booth is walk-in closet fully treated with Auralex acoustic foam panels & bass traps

For Indie Projects

Typically, I self-direct and record on my end, and your audio is delivered in .wav format (unless you prefer .mp3) with 2-3 takes of all lines included.

It’s fine if your project contains adult/NSFW themes or content, but I will only reply to tactful/professional inquiries regarding such content.

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