My full/legal/credit name is Emily Frongillo. It’s a cool name I have no problems with — but FWIW, everyone calls me (and I prefer to be called) Frongi (pronounced like “FRAWN-jee”).

My remote ADR voice work includes roles in both anime and live action titles, among them Miki in Karate Girl and bits on Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These, Kageki Shojo!!, Tribe Nine, Flying Phantom Ship, Love Live Superstar!!, A Couple of Cuckoos, Mieruko-chan, and more. You can also hear me in the opening cutscene and peppered around other dark corners of the viral indie horror game Poppy Playtime, and in a ton of K-8 eLearning material for clients like Curriculum Associates, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and more.

Frongi Facts

I began my VO career in 2015, where I recorded mostly for eLearning until deciding to move toward animation in 2020.

I have 14 years of tap, jazz, and ballet training. I competed on regional and national stages and have performed in Disney World. Tap was my favorite discipline. I only left dance behind because it stopped loving me back (read: too many related injuries).

I have a B.A. in Creative Writing. This means I like to spend several months after each new novel I write crying over the struggle of getting literary agent sempais to notice me.

I have been obsessed with anime since before I knew it was called “anime.” I have countless years of experience as a con-going, cosplaying weeb. If you mention giant robot anime to me specifically (especially if it’s Code Geass or Gundam SEED/Destiny), it is over for you — there is no further conversation except for talk of rival pilot boys in uniforms; I’m so sorry.

I am not a huge gamer… but the Kingdom Hearts franchise owns my heart, soul, and definitely wallet.

I have also cultivated an obsession with Sherlock Holmes. I recommend you not bring up his name near me unless you’re ready for the opening of some Reichenbach-level nerd floodgates there, too.

My ethnicity is mostly English and Italian. I am LGBTQ+ (married to a lovely woman). I like flowers, tea time, antiques, cities, bursting into odd noises and song for no reason, and being turned loose in situations where I am allowed to fangirl squeal and/or swear my head off without being told I shouldn’t. Nice to meet you.

“We first came across Frongi in 2016 when she was chosen to read for a K-2 Vocabulary project. With all we might have learned if we’d taken the course there would still be no words adequate to describe the great talent and wonderful personality of this incredible person. We know we can rely on her and on her word(s) and always will count on her accuracy and flexibility!”

– Steve Olenick, President at AudioLink
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