My full name is Emily Frongillo, but I prefer to be addressed by my nickname, Frongi (pronounced “FRAWN-jee”). With so many other Emilys around, I am long out of the habit of responding to my first name, pretty as it is. Apologies to my parents and my inner Victorian Englishwoman.

I am from Boston, currently located in Lexington, Kentucky. (Ask me why I landed in KY some time; it’s a fairly wild story.) I am LGBTQ+ and have Italian, English, and Dutch ancestry.

I am trying to make this all sound really cool. But the truth is, I am just a thirsty fangirl with enthusiasm & energy levels through the roof. Insert the “shrugging” and the “crying with laughter” emoji.

A Performance Background

My performance foundation was 14 years of tap, jazz, and ballet training, and involved competing on both regional and national stages, as well as performances in Disney World. Tap was my favorite discipline. I only left dance behind because it stopped loving me back (read: too many related injuries).

Later, while I pursued my B.A. in Creative Writing at Suffolk University, I also took as many theatre & drama courses as I could manage. 10+ years of cosplay stage events (sometimes I participated as a performer, sometimes as a performance judge) contributed to my learning, too.

In 2014, I began VO coaching with Voice Coaches in NY. I began booking in 2015, and now, somehow, voice acting is my career. I’ve done VO for eLearning, corporate training, telephone messaging systems, audiobooks, and more. In 2020, I began adding pre-lay and ADR animation to the list.

“We first came across Frongi in 2016 when she was chosen to read for a K-2 Vocabulary project. With all we might have learned if we’d taken the course there would still be no words adequate to describe the great talent and wonderful personality of this incredible person. We know we can rely on her and on her word(s) and always will count on her accuracy and flexibility!”

– Steve Olenick, President at AudioLink
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