I am from Boston, currently located in Lexington, Kentucky, and set up to be remote — but I am always willing to consider travel.

I’ve been in VO about 6 years. The brunt of my work has been in e-learning, corporate training, telephone messaging systems, audiobooks, etc., but I am also moving into animation, both pre-lay and ADR!

My full name is Emily Frongillo and I am fine with being credited as such. The nickname Frongi (pronounced “FRAWN-jee”) is my preferred form of address. With so many other Emilys around, I am simply out of the habit of responding to my first name (as pretty as the name is).

Recent/Featured Projects

Funimation anime series (ADR/dubbed)
Additional voices

Fazbear & Friends
Ongoing ZAMination YouTube series
Chica, [Redacted/TBA]

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Funimation anime series (ADR/dubbed) Bubble Soldier, Additional voices

Continuing Education

Audio Engineering
With Tony Wijs of Immersed Productions
Fall 2020

The Foundation Is Acting
With Network Nexus Studios
Winter 2021

Extreme Vocals for Extreme Roles
With Michael Schwalbe
Spring 2021

Project & Education lists last updated: February 2021