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Below are just some of the animation spots I have written for voice actor demo reels. (I also wrote my own Character Reel.) Underneath the dialogue is direction (sometimes producers & VAs request that I include it, sometimes they don’t – but I’ve put it all here for reference either way).

Newest featured spots will be added to the top of this list periodically.

If you would like me to do some spot writing for you, please read this FAQ entry first, and then fill out this form!

A singularity occurred. In layman’s terms, it vastly expanded through chain reaction, sir. Think about a tree spreading roots and branches. It’s— it’s doing that. With more tentacular doom.

Alien Anatomy Specialist
Explaining a specimen’s sudden, threatening size-change to the fleet admiral

Aw, what’s the matter, señor captive CEO? Lack of filing cabinets and sexy secretaries got you down? My rusty bazooka scare you? Well no te preocupes, office daddy — mamacita’s about to close this deal for you!

Vengefully tormenting the past corporate boss who used to harass her and who is now her hostage

Why does Dad always want to take us fishing? Last time, Bernard swallowed a hook, Clementine peed on the tackle box, and the lines all got tangled in Frederick’s hair. I don’t think that “builds character.”

Annoyed Kid
Complaining to mom about excursion they’re about to be dragged on

It’s true that I’ve never seen a library this well cared for. You should be proud of every book. And yet… not all knowledge can be found in books. The best experience is gained by turning pages in your life.

To royal librarian he wishes wouldn’t stay so cooped up

Now, sweetheart — try not to ask Daddy anymore why he comes home so often with these bloodstains, all right? Your Daddy is a hitman, like he said — but remember, we pretend he’s a normal salaryman.

Hitman Dad
Trying to relax his concerned toddler

Rrrgh, what do you mean, “I thought fairies had wings?!” Do you not see these wings, human? Maybe they’re just too delicate and crystalline for your detection— even with those four eyes you’ve got!

Furious Fairy
Dive-bombing someone she believes insulted her

Huh. Does he think he can show off? Let’s show the queen why we’re better than his untamed pack of seadogs. Haul out the cannons! Get your swords! And summon the kraken. We could use extra arms.

Pirate First Mate
Entering battle, aiming to compete with comrades for glory

Want to know what I said to her, once I’d strapped the bomb vest on her? You want to know what single word finally made her cry for mommy? Oh, it was great. I just leaned in, right in her ear, and I said, “Boom.”

Taunting captive hero

It doesn’t pay to be squeamish. You’re gonna have to touch corpses here, alien guts…. But you know what you should never touch? My hair gel. Do not touch my hair gel, or I will end you.

Giving no0b companion advice & boundaries

Welcome, class. No more barking, please. If you’d all use paws to turn to page sixty-three of Fiascos With Felines— Barnaby! I said TURN the page, not chew it!

Professor at Canine University
Attempting to begin lesson

The furrows they dug aren’t trenches, sir. They’re symbols, read from in the air — geoglyphs, like the Nazca Lines! They aren’t preparing for a war. They just want to communicate!

Military Subordinate
Trying to give an urgent report to a commander that won’t listen

Unpack the truck? Oh, uh — I can do that! I unpacked my first moving truck when I was four. Muscles MADE for lifting furniture. …Ow.

Attempting a physical feat to impress a crush

This is a pine cone, a megasporangiate strobilus. Pines belong to a group of plants called ‘gymnosperms’ and date back to prehistoric— Wait, wait, wait, you can’t eat them!

Attempting to explain the local habitat to an alien

Gimme the cash. Gimme the cash! I’ll blow your damned— What are you lookin’ at? Ah shit; my fly’s down. Just finished an Indecent Exposure gig down the street.

Holding up a convenience store

Normally, if something charges us outta nowhere, it’s instinct for us to stop short — as we try to comprehend the situation. I’m here to tell you, ‘Don’t stop — dodge.’ The Winged Platypuses hit hard.

Tour Guide
Warning their group about danger

Sorry about their bickering. They’re like Michelangelo and da Vinci— working toward the same ends but squabbling about means…. Ugh, shut up, you two! We have guests!

Middle Sibling
Trying to introduce their partner’s family to their own

Rocks, rocks, ROCKS! Is that all there is on this stinking planet?! There’s stone dust in my hair, and pebbles in my shoes… and if I see one more rocky cliffside, I will— Oh. Oh no.

Explorer Of Alien Planets
Exhausted & losing patience until a landslide is noticed, then panicking

The Fire Sprites come here — through the walls, like smoke — even though you don’t want them to. They tell me not to be afraid of you. They tell me they’ll help me burn you.

To their captor

Oh! Cassandra! Wow. You look, um, really wonderful in that in that gown. The candlelight on the fabric, uh… sparkles. Like your eyes!! No, wait, I take that back, that was way too much wasn’t it, SORRY, I JUST—

Nervous Suitor
Trying to get their love interest’s attention

I know you’re smart. Like Sherlock Holmes. But even Sherlock needed help when his cases got extra tough. Look at me. Hey. I’m your Watson. I’m sticking to this case with you.

Best Friend
Supporting their bro with both a reality check and some heartfelt encouragement

I answered seventy emails on my only day off this month. All I wanted to do after that was eat potato chips in the bath tub — but noooo. What did my wife do the moment I finished? Ask me again to mow the lawn.

Overworked CEO
Complaining to his secretary about his wife’s behavior

Yes… blood! I remember, now. The body makes so much of it! You can drain out whole pints; people hardly miss it! I think YOU won’t miss some. How about I spill it?

Escaped Murderer
Hovering over a victim, quaking with excitement as they prepare to kill again for the first time in decades

That right there’s the Pond of Midas. You dip a toe in, you turn into gold. Not actually how the King Midas story goes — but just trust me, you don’t want to turn into gold.

Fantasy Guide
Warning the heroes about dangerous geographical features

Flowers at Sternbury Gardens are perfectly arranged to evoke the rainbow. As you can see, red, orange, blue— wait. Yellow comes after orange, not blue! Which gardener am I firing?!

Head Gardener At Royal Gardens
Pridefully giving esteemed guests a tour, then noticing a mistake made by a staff underling

So he needs an assessment? Let me see his eyes. Ah ha, red irises! Yes… and that hat…. Covering some conspicuous horns, I expect? Oh, yes, this one’s a Demon Lord!

Professor of the Supernatural
Gleefully examining a live subject

‘Can I date him.’ Is that what you just said? I said, ‘My brother’s fallen to darkness and now has to suck blood so he can live,’ and you replied, ‘Can I date him?!’

Person With A Vampire Brother
Utterly exasperated to find their bestie is crushing on their unsavory sibling

How can I relax?! This work is never-ending! You can tell me, ‘Oh, Rome wasn’t built in a day,’ but I don’t HAVE from Augustus in 27 B.C.E. till Constantine to finish this!

Student Who Regrets Procrastinating
Replying to their roommate’s suggestion to relax

Wherever did the sleeping potion for the princess go?! Surely I didn’t put it—? No. Then perhaps over by the—? No? Oh, let me wet my lips and think. *gulps* I wonder if I left it— *SNORE*

Absent-minded Magician
Accidentally drinking the potion they were looking for

I-I can’t scream. And my body won’t move. His aura’s so terrifying I can’t feel my legs anymore. But if I give up now, everyone else will have to fight alone. Arrgh, MOVE!

Shounen Hero
Breaking past their own limits

Kerrin! Kerrin — listen to me! There’s a bath in the frog in the tub’s castle! I mean, tub in the frog in the bath’s castle. Castle bath! Tub frog! Help me!!

Royal Maid
Having a meltdown, begging for help

All right, Sir Barkalot — which dress? The purple with the six-foot train that tripped the butler down the stairs, or the pink, with the trailing sleeves I always drag through the butter?

Talking to her pet while trying to choose an outfit that will impress

It’s not a crime to be different. The real crime is not finding out just how different you can be, and what things only you can do with the traits that make you unique.

Realizing the life lesson they were meant to learn after their struggle

They say the Catastrophe will come when the sun turns to blood and the air fills with ash, and that those with the power to halt it are gone. But you, Traveler, might prove them wrong.

Wise Elder
Delivering prophetic words to the hero

Welcome to Brand New You Shampoo. We wash your hair with special goo — taking care of you, through and through. Just sit here, lean back in your chair… and don’t worry if we drown you!

Beauty Parlor Villain
Starting cheery & congenial, transitioning steadily to incredibly threatening & psychotic/unhinged

Ladies, feel the piano! Relax your hands! Legs higher on those Italian turns…. Jeanette — are we light-footed ballerinas, or heathen earthquake titans?

Ballet Instructor
Pushing their students hard to prepare for a performance

To get the best food, they say to cook with love. I should have no trouble. After all… I love YOU! Oh, don’t run. I’ll fillet your flesh! Boil your bones! *psychotic laughter*

Cannibal Villain
Stops stirring the soup to reveal their true aim to the hero… who they then aggressively stalk around the kitchen

No tests came back with abnormalities. Even the dirt under his fingernails was clean. If you’re still convinced this was murder, then prove it. Preferably before I run out of coffee.

Police Official
Out of f*cks to give for the opinions of the consulting detective

Every night, she sets the table for three, with a wee little fork and spoon, dragging up a wee little chair… but it’s only her and her husband. Their child has been dead ten years.

The Village Gossip
Spinning a tale about the locals for a pair of visitors

It’s 5 AM, and a fine morning here at the Seattle-Tacoma airport — or it WOULD be, if I hadn’t destroyed every coffee machine from Bellingham to Vancouver! *maniacal laughter*

Taking over the airport intercom system to brag about their evildoing

The thing about riding a broomstick is, you mustn’t — under any circumstances — allow the wind to unseat y-aaAAH! …Ahem. If you could forget seeing that.

Wizard In Flight
Attempting to teach a student how flying is done, but failing miserably

You dare enter this forbidden glade that I, Ognorf, have been charged to protect from greedy mortal eyes?! Well, how fortunate — it’s been centuries since I’ve talked to a soul. Tea?

Creature-Guardian of Secret Treasure
Intimidating an intruder, until deciding he’d rather make a friend
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