Additional Services

Beyond The Acting – Spot Writing, QA, and more.

I can write — and that skill’s helpful in VO, too.

From a B.A. in Creative Writing, to transcription jobs with Amazon and Google, to 100k-word novels, I’ve gone everywhere with my writing skills. My abilities shine most brightly when paired with VO production work, but I am flexible enough to adapt to any project.

I always bring my ironclad attention to detail. If you’re looking for creativity, consistency, and accuracy, I’ve got you covered.

Demo Spot Writing

Are you a new VA or an old hat looking into having a fresh demo reel produced? An audio engineer/sound designer producing a bunch of demo reels? Assuming animation is your jam, I can write oodles of sparkling spots that will cover your bases and fill up a reel. For examples & rates, please contact me!

Quality Assurance

Everyone’s only human. Sometimes an actor’s mouth-click or a B-take sneaks into a place it shouldn’t. Sometimes a script gets read wrong or has been left ridden with typos. No biggie — because you have a last line of defense. My sharp eyes & ears help me note those embarrassing oopsies so you can fix them before sending your files back to your client (or publishing them).

Transcription & Closed Captioning

Again, sharp eyes & ears come in handy — this time alongside fast typing and years of practice researching online. I can identify and type what I hear, whether I’m taking down utterances verbatim or correcting mistakes made by an automatic captioning software.

Frongi is the real deal. Her spots are full of so much life and well written. All of my actors absolutely love it and are able to get into a performance with depth and absolute hilarity. Frongi is an absolute bad ass!

Tony Wijs, Producer at Immersed Productions

Thanks for the quick turnaround and the great job. Will definitely recommend to anyone looking for written spots!

Mike Carnes VO

I’ve worked with Frongi for a while on various projects involving both captioning and/or QA, and I am always impressed with her accuracy and attention to detail. Nothing gets by her! She is also easy to work with as well and has been able to get us materials in tight turnarounds.  I highly recommend her!

David Gale, Technical Audio Producer at Lexia

I am open to hearing about any way you might like to employ my writer-brain in your VO production pipeline.

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